Alaris Telecom Solutions

Alaris Labs offers telecom solutions for voice carriers and service providers. Our product functionality satisfies any demands possible in the modern telecommunications market and is continuously upgraded and enhanced to provide our customers with unique competitive advantages. Alaris Labs solutions are unparalleled in their high capacity level, comfortable scalability and exceptional reliability which altogether make them equally suitable both for small-scale operators and large service providers of the national level.

Alaris inVoice

Integrated billing and routing system for wholesale telecom carriers. Voice and SMS traffic processing, VoIP and TDM compatibility, interoperability with softswitches of various other vendors, full-scale backup system, up to 1 billion minutes monthly capacity.

Alaris MNP/LNP Server

High capacity MNP/LNP solution both for carriers and MNP/LNP service providers. Interoperation with switching equipment through standard SIP protocol or via proprietary interface. Processing more than 10'000 requests/sec.; up to 1 billion of records in the database.

Alaris SMS Platform

Multifunctional platform for SMS traffic management. SMS transit operations (switching, routing, billing) and rendering of retail SMS services. A comprehensive set of tools sufficient to launch customer-tailored services. Integration with third-party solutions.