Alaris inVoice: integrated billing system

Alaris inVoice

Alaris inVoice solution offers an unprecedented combination of full featured billing, flexible routing and user friendly business process automation tools. Alaris inVoice combines VoIP billing and SMS billing functionality, where both system parts can be used as a whole or separately.

Alaris inVoice solution incorporates functionality of several systems:

  • billing system (VoIP billing & SMS billing): uploading provider rates, creation customer rate plans, real time (prepaid) and deferred (postpaid) balance monitoring, accounting by various rate patterns, invoicing;
  • routing system: centrally operated calls & SMS from different switches, route selection basing on minimal cost, maximal margin and statistical quality criteria;
  • CRM system: data on customers and traffic providers, contact information, basic contract terms, individual notification settings, subscriber balance status and invoice payment monitoring;
  • financial and analytical system: profitability evaluation of prospective partners, spotting best revenue generating routes, providers and subscribers, reconciliation of payments, generating financial reports.

Alaris inVoice solution is designed for:

  • telecom carriers operating transit switches produced by different vendors, including those based on different technology types (VoIP, TDM and SMS);
  • wholesale carriers operating switches without flexible call routing or billing features;
  • wholesale carriers searching for new opportunities to increase their business efficiency via attracting higher profit-making providers and customers as well as by reducing expenditure on routine operations;
  • wholesale VoIP carriers interested in reducing operating costs and increasing their business manageability;
  • large corporate clients interested in analysing current expenditure on communication services and targeting possible ways to reduce it.

Alaris inVoice benefits for corporate departments:

  • traffic sales department: user friendly rate import tools, intuitive analysis of the current traffic, simple rate comparison and revenue forecasting for prospective providers, prompt generation of advantageous rate offers;
  • network operations centre (NOC): flexible call & SMS routing management, timely troubleshooting preconditioned by convenient access to statistical and technical data, automatic testing of new and troubled routes;
  • financial department: ergonomic invoicing mechanisms, payment tracking, inbuilt tools for payment reconciliation in case of disputes with partners, aggregate data on business revenue position, financial reports.

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