Alaris MNP/LNP Server: number portability solution

Alaris MNP/LNP Server

Alaris MNP/LNP Server is designed to help carriers and service providers fit into country-wide Mobile and Local Number Portability environment.

The product allows voice carriers to get data about ported numbers from MNP/LNP/LRN service provider in real-time manner and to bridge the format of these data between the service provider's variant with the format and protocol of the carrier's switching equipment.

For MNP/LNP/LRN service providers the product fits the role of the central point of aggregation of the ported numbers data and of provisioning of the clients with this data.

Alaris MNP/LNP Server is designed to act in two distinctive modes:

  • MNP/LNP central server. It allows national telecom authorities, national tier 1 carriers and service providers to provide real-time MNP/LNP/LRN dipping services to carriers and exchange ported number data between each other.
  • MNP/LNP local proxy. It allows carriers to effectively work with a central third-party MNP/LNP/LRN database (which is provided as a service/subscription by national telecom authorities to telecom operators) without the need to rebuild the existing architecture of the switching layer.

Alaris MNP/LNP Server is designed for:

  • mobile and fixed line carriers (CLECs, ILECs) that operate in MNP/LNP enabled countries;
  • wholesale voice carriers that need to save on optimization of call cost by implementing routing based on ported numbers information;
  • MNP/LNP/LRN service prviders that want to provide dipping services to local carriers.

Alaris MNP/LNP Server benefits:

  • very high throughput capacity on a standard server (more than 10'000 requests per second; up to a 1 billion of records in the database);
  • automatic synchronization of local copy of the MNP/LNP/LRN data with the central/partner database;
  • standard SIP interface to provide routing decisions to local switching equipment;
  • implementation of proprietary interface to the switching equipment (in case if SIP is not supported by the switch);
  • retention of the existing switching architecture to start MNP/LNP/LRN aware routing.

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