Alaris MNP/LNP Server: specifications

Product Architecture

Alaris MNP/LNP Server is built of the following functional modules:

  • in-memory database that keeps the ported numbers list. Since all the data is in RAM the database provides for very-fast input/output figures;
  • SIP interface that is used to provide real-time responses to dips from underlying switches and to get the same data from service providers;
  • file exchange module that is responsible for data import and export. It includes FTP server/client for automation of data exchange operations;
  • web interface that is used to configure and control the application.

Alaris MNP/LNP Server - Architecture


Supported protocols

  • SIP
  • FTP
  • SSH
  • HTTP

Throughput capacity (on a standard server)

  • SIP interface: 10,000+ requests per second.
  • Database: 1,000,000,000+ records in the database stored in memory for fast access.

Response delay: not more than 20 msec using SIP interface (not taking into consideration possible delays imposed by a third-party service).

Extension capability

It is possible to add any desired interface (for both real-time requests and for non-real-time data exchange) if detailed specifications are provided.