Alaris SMS Platform: sms application server

Alaris SMS Platform

Alaris SMS Platform is a multifunctional platform (SMS application server) for comprehensive SMS traffic management which equips telecom carriers and service providers with a capability to provide their customers with a full range of SMS transit and SMS retail services.

Alaris SMS Platform integrates the following core modules:

  • SMS switch: processing SMS traffic from other carriers;
  • routing module: selecting optimal routes for SMS traffic transit;
  • billing module: enabling rate import, invoice generation, payment reconciliation, etc.;
  • user interface (customer application): providing end users with a capability to implement their own SMS campaigns, review reports, etc.;
  • inbuilt web-applications: sending SMS or subscribing to SMS alerts via website;
  • a set of APIs: effecting interconnection with the third party applications (CRM systems, client portals, etc.).

Alaris SMS Platform is designed for:

  • wholesale (international) carriers eager to amend voice traffic exchange with SMS transit services;
  • retail (local) carriers and service providers willing to provide their clients with a possibility to send SMS.

Alaris SMS Platform benefits:

  • multifunctional solution covering all the needs in SMS transit implementation and SMS service rendering, eliminating any necessity to acquire additional software;
  • full featured SMS switch compatible with SMPP switches of other vendors and with the Alaris inVoice system;
  • easy to manage Linux based system compatible with any carrier-scale infrastructure;
  • flexible integration with the third party applications and services.

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